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Venue Spotlight: Tansuo, Nashville

Published by The Tripleseat Team • March 13, 2018
Forget the noodles and dumplings from your local Chinese takeout; true culinary aficionados know that China is home to some of the most diverse and sophisticated cuisines in the world. And that couldn't be more evident than at a restaurant like Tánsuŏ, new to Nashville, which explores modern-day Chinese cuisine through dishes inspired by ...
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Mixology Matters: Where to Throw an Extraordinary Cocktail Party in NYC

Published by Carey Jones • March 05, 2018
Ah, the cocktail hour: A staple of events everywhere. If you're looking to convene a group for any occasion, whether professional or personal, drinks are essential (assuming it's all adults in the room!). 
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Venue Spotlight: Junction Craft + Kitchen, Dallas

Published by The Tripleseat Team • February 26, 2018
There are creative restaurants -- and then there are wildly, relentlessly creative restaurants, such as Dallas's Junction Craft + Kitchen. You'll find nothing predictable on chef Josh Harmon's menu, which overflows with novel flavor combinations and clever house-made creations. 
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