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Beer Cocktails: The Summer Drink You’ve Been Waiting For

Published by Miranda Paquet • June 10, 2018
Life is full of tough decisions. Look no further than the beer or cocktail conundrum. Luckily, sometimes you can have your cocktail and drink your beer too, especially once you embrace beer cocktails as the perfect summer drink. Refreshing, flavorful, and fun, it’s safe to say that Mexican beer cocktails reign supreme for the simple ...
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Venue Spotlight: F6ix, San Diego

Published by Lauren Sloss • June 13, 2017
There are parties, and then there are parties. You know, the ones with epic dance floor antics, unbeatable stories, and happenings that have you reminiscing with a longing chuckle for years to come. Being a part of one of those parties is a joy. Throwing one of them is the kind of thing that makes you a legend. 
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Venue Spotlight: Water Grill, San Diego

Published by Lauren Sloss • May 18, 2017
It's no small feat to establish yourself as a dining destination in Southern California. Stellar ingredients, top chefs, and a discerning clientele are abound, making it a challenge to survive, let alone thrive as a restaurant.
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