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Holiday Bars Are In Full Swing in NYC

Published by Carey Jones • November 29, 2017
Drinking and the holidays -- you can't really separate one from the other. (Anyone who's been to an office holiday party can testify as much.) And while in the last few years, New York has seen a number of holiday pop-up bars, this year is one for the record books, with original endeavors all over the city. 
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Where to Throw Your Holiday Party in Denver and Boulder

Published by Lauren Sloss • November 30, 2016
It's crunch time: we've hit the final day of November, meaning holiday party season is on. Are you ready? As we approach the '16 season, we have a few key words of advice. One: hydate. Two: don't panic. Three: book a party at one of these 6 fantastic venues in Denver and Boulder. With gorgeous spaces, excellent staff, and memorable food ...
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Where to Celebrate Passover in San Francisco

Published by Lauren Sloss • April 25, 2016
Ah, Passover. Even if you're not a religious Jew (or Jewish at all), there's much to love about this food-and-story-centric holiday. Which is why we're delighted when we see Bay Area restaurants compose special dishes, set menus, and full-on seders for the holiday. Here's where to get your pesach fix, no matter your religion.
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