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Venue Spotlight: Junction Craft + Kitchen, Dallas

Published by The Tripleseat Team • February 26, 2018
There are creative restaurants -- and then there are wildly, relentlessly creative restaurants, such as Dallas's Junction Craft + Kitchen. You'll find nothing predictable on chef Josh Harmon's menu, which overflows with novel flavor combinations and clever house-made creations. 
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Venue Spotlight: El Bolero, Dallas

Published by Carey Jones • September 02, 2017
Tex-Mex is popular for a reason; there's no doubt that Texas has its own, totally unique, Mexican-influenced cuisine. (Fajitas and queso and strawberry margaritas? Don't mind if we do.)  But Texas also boasts incredible Mexican restaurants that take inspiration from the hugely diverse culinary traditions of that country. And that's the ...
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