Where does Hanson of Sonoma get its inspiration to make unique artisan craft spirits? From each one of the Hansons: As a family, they have found their passion—one might say obsession—for making something truly unique that gives you the opportunity to choose something different and better. Their vision of an organic, grape-based, gluten-free and non-GMO vodka is the embodiment of Hanson of Sonoma.

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In the spirit of artisan craft, they distill in a combination pot and 50-plate column still (more on that custom still below). Their vodka is always distilled from organic grapes and infused with real, organic ingredients to create a pure, clean--and above all--deliciously smooth vodka.

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Hanson of Sonoma organic vodka is the first of its kind; the product of countless hours of research, testing, and plain old hard work. They believe that quality is something you can taste. That’s why they source their grapes from organic vineyards. They say good vodka is tasteless, but Hanson of Sonoma disagrees. Good vodka should taste great.

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Why grapes? Simple. Because grapes make better vodka. To make vodka out of grapes, first you have to make wine. There’s a reason no one else is doing this–it’s not easy. Mastering two crafts is a heck of a feat, so Hanson of Sonoma turned to their neighbors and mentors, Ceja Vineyards, to guide them through the process--a family-owned winemaking operation that goes back three generations.

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Beyond the grape base are the infusions. Hanson of Sonoma’s fruit infusions are hand-peeled and organic. And best of all, real. They use organic fruit for their infused vodkas because they like to drink real vodka. No artificial flavorings, added sugars, or fake anything. Plus, they love supporting the farmers in their community who work incredibly hard to create a quality product.

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To make infused vodka, first, Hanson of Sonoma has to prep the ingredients. That means peeling and chopping by hand hundreds of pounds of organic mandarins, cucumbers, habaneros, ginger, or whatever other infusions they’re experimenting with. The next step is to macerate it in their pure, Organic Original vodka until the flavor has sufficiently infused. The last step? Bottle it up for you to enjoy in your craft cocktails or straight up. For good reason, Hanson of Sonoma is proud of their unique process and the vodka it produces.

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As you might imagine for an undertaking like this, Hanson of Sonoma built their distillery from the ground up. Their pot and 50-plate column still was custom-made in Germany. When they got into the spirits business, they knew they needed a superior process in order to make a superior product. And the tools they use to create a product are unlike any others on the market. 

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And best of all, you can stop by the distillery and tasting room for private experiences. There are a lot of ways to drink vodka, but Hanson of Sonoma’s favorite way is with friends. Join them for a unique tasting and tour experience, and not only will you get to taste their unique organic grape-based vodka, they’ll also show you how it’s made. Better vodka from grapes? Check out Hanson of Sonoma and see for yourself. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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