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Venue Spotlight: Zaza Nail and Wine Lounge, San Francisco

Published by Lauren Sloss • November 17, 2017
There are some pairings that are so perfect that they feel meant to be. Burgers and beer. Wings and football. Peanut butter and jelly. You catch our drift — before long, it's hard to imagine having one without the other.
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Venue Spotlight: Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, Seattle

Published by Lauren Sloss • October 27, 2017
There are a few hard and fast truths that we've learned in our years as venue vetters. A team of hospitality pros is a must. A flexible space that can accommodate groups of different sizes, and events of different types, is a bonus. And not all wine bars are created equal.
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The Best Wine Bars in San Francisco

Published by Carey Jones • September 30, 2017
With a vibrant food scene and easy access to some of the world's best wine regions, the San Francisco Bay Area, it should go without saying, is an incredible place to appreciate wine. We asked Shannon Tucker, the Beverage Director at Foreign Cinema, about her favorite wine bars in the area; here's what she had to say. 
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