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Ready to Host a Red-Hot Outdoor Event?

Published by Miranda Paquet • April 06, 2018
There’s nothing like the first few days of spring to make us crave the great outdoors. After months of cozy hibernation, most of us are looking for any excuse to get outside more, show off some new additions to our spring wardrobe, and finally enjoy some sun. Give your guests exactly what they’re looking for by hosting a festive and fun ...
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Venue Spotlight: Lot No. 3, Seattle

Published by Miranda Paquet • March 17, 2018
Comfort food at its best. That’s what you can expect from Heavy Restaurant Group’s Lot No. 3. Nestled in Bellevue across the street from their famed Purple Wine Bar, Lot No. 3’s vintage industrial digs make the perfect backdrop for your cocktail reception or sit-down dinner. Book their loft space for a cocktail-style event, overlooking ...
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Venue Spotlight: Lot No. 3, Bellevue

Published by Lauren Sloss • October 27, 2017
What are the ingredients that make for an amazing event? Good people, for one, with great energy. The right space for the right crowd. And, of course, a little bourbon and a little bacon never hurt anything.
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