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The Crab Pot Seattle: Historic Home of the Famous “Seafeast”

Published by Keir Beadling • February 04, 2020
The Crab Pot Seattle is a fun and casual restaurant specializing in delicious seafood, and located near an historic pier that played a significant role in the Pacific Northwest’s development. Pier 57 served as one of the departure points for the Alaska Gold Rush of 1897; as a witness to one of the largest migrations of adventure-seekers ...
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Beer, Brats & Bocce at Seattle’s Bavarian-Inspired Rhein Haus

Published by Keir Beadling • February 03, 2020
Rhein Haus is a Bavarian-inspired restaurant and bar located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. A truly unique space featuring a bier hall, dining room, outdoor Biergarten, and two mezzanines, Rhein Haus also offers five indoor bocce courts and one outdoor court. 
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An Inside Look Into Seattle’s Staple & Fancy Private Cellar Dining

Published by Miranda Paquet • August 23, 2019
What is it about dining underground that adds just the right amount of revelry and mystery? 
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