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Transport Your Taste Buds at Lamia's Fish Market

Published by Miranda Paquet • September 10, 2019
Lamia’s Fish Market is bringing something new to East Village.  Restaurateur, Lamia Funti, lures guests into a sensual space where diners can enjoy a seafood-forward Mediterranean menu surrounded by inspired design and one-of-kind art installations.
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San Francisco's Fish & Farm: Words to Live (and Eat) By

Published by Keir Beadling • September 04, 2019
The name of this high-minded restaurant sounds like an admonition; sort of like “Go West, young man,” maybe.  You can take it that way if you like, because Fish & Farm is a unique and inspiring spot that you can feel good about.  
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Le Bernardin is (Still) New York’s Best Seafood Restaurant

Published by Miranda Paquet • July 13, 2019
How is it that in a city with endless dining options Le Bernardin remains a Manhattan mainstay? 
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