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Pucker Up: The Best Valentine's Day Cocktails

Published by The Tripleseat Team • February 14, 2019
What says "romance" to you, this Valentine's Day? It might be flowers or chocolates, tried and true. It might be a lavish meal out at one of your city's best restaurants. Or it might be a gorgeous round of drinks at an incredible cocktail bar. All around the country, mixologists have crafted beautiful cocktails just for the holiday -- ...
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The Best Things About Dining Out on New Year's Eve

Published by The Tripleseat Team • December 29, 2018
New Year's Eve, it should be said, is not necessarily the easiest night to dine out at a restaurant. Great venues often book up weeks, even months in advance; even sub-par restaurants might jack up prices for the sake of an easy holiday buck; and there's always the dilemma: to eat at a reasonable hour and miss the midnight party, or to ...
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'Tis the Season: The Best Holiday Cocktails

Published by Carey Jones • December 05, 2018
The holiday season means carols and cookies, all the festivities, and, if you're so inclined, plenty of cocktails. And while there's nothing wrong with the classic eggnog and mulled wine, bars and restaurants across the country are getting much more creative with their drinks.
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