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Chicago's Builders BLDG: Where Builders Built a Bodacious Building

Published by Keir Beadling • August 16, 2019
Here’s a question: What do builders do? (You can channel your inner “Bob the Builder,” if you like.) The answer? Build.  Builders build. And one of our favorite examples of what can happen when builders build is called, logically enough, the Builders BLDG.  We’re trying to tell you that this is a perfect spot for your next private event ...
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Venue Spotlight: WhirlyBall Chicago

Published by Keir Beadling • January 29, 2019
If you’re going a little bit cubicle-crazy this winter in Chicago, we have an idea: Let’s gather up your office mates, strap them into shiny bumper cars, arm them with mini lacrosse sticks and whiffle balls, and let the fur fly. If only there were a venue where you could do this, right? Turns out, there is: WhirlyBall. And this is not a ...
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Venue Spotlight: Momotaro Chicago

Published by Keir Beadling • January 14, 2019
Ahh, winter in Chicago. The temperature of Lake Michigan on Chicago’s shore is 35 degrees. And the air isn’t much warmer at 27 degrees. Bone-chilling, you might say. The antidote? Gather your friends for an evening of blazingly contemporary cuisine served up by Momotaro in the vibrant Fulton Market District.  
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