When Piccino opened its doors in December 2006, their simple wish was just to make the spot as welcoming as the owners’ own homes. They so enjoyed making food for their families and friends, and yes, they were the types where everyone said, “You should open up a restaurant.” 

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Thanks to the relationships that the owners had forged at the farmers market (it was their church on Saturday and Sunday), some of their favorite farms--like Mariquita and Star Route-- agreed to deliver to the tiny establishment, way back when. These longstanding relationships are still a part of Piccino and they strive to show the essence of the food that these farmers grow. As one of Piccino’s kitchen team said, “We look for the most carrot-y of carrots” to bring to your plate!

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Piccino’s owners describe their mission: “We get up early. We stay up late. We get dirty. We make the same impeccable dish 100 times over in a day. We laugh, we cry. We search for the best ingredients. We like to surprise. We like good wine. We celebrate. We restore. We rejuvenate. We make mistakes and then we fix them. We learn and relearn everyday. We are human. We love each other because of it. We welcome everyone into our home, Piccino.”

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Piccino’s space makes a great spot for special occasions and holiday parties. Whether it’s a private birthday bash or an office celebration, Piccino is here to collaborate on special menus, wine pairings, and personal touches. 

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Piccino’s menus are designed to accommodate a variety of occasions, and are individually tailored to suit different functions and budgets. They source the finest ingredients, with a focus on local and organic, and promise a warm, welcoming environment.

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Piccino’s Guesthouse is a gorgeous and warm space with its own private entrance and restroom. A sunny deck allows for a beautiful standing reception or afternoon mingling before sitting down for a meal. Experience Piccino’s passion for taste and conviviality in a more intimate setting. This unique dining experience comes with a customized menu of seasonally inspired dishes proposed by the chef. The wine director will select wines best suited to go with your meal, and Piccino’s staff will be there to answer your questions, guiding and assisting each step of the way.

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So for your next private event in San Francisco, leave the getting up early, staying up late, getting dirty, and the crying up to Piccino; you focus on having a memorable time. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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