Inspired by its Italian heritage, Ca' Momi blissfully prepares its heart-crafted cuisine with obsessive quality and integrity. They celebrate the simplicity of authentic Italian flavors and the incomparable quality of California-grown, organic ingredients. They create a heart-centered space for their community to find sense of purpose and belonging, along with opportunities for personal and professional growth. As they say, "Eat. Be. Authentic."

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Ca’ Momi Osteria is Downtown Napa’s obsessively-authentic Italian eatery, featuring a bountiful menu that celebrates the purity of local and organic ingredients from small producers, melded expertly with hundreds--if not thousands--of years of Italian culinary history. They practice ethical omnivorism by encouraging a “nose to tail” standard using ethically-sourced meats, poultry, dairy and eggs, while seeking to educate their community about protecting a sustainable and conscientious future.

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The wine and spirits offerings reflect these same values; acknowledging small organic craft distillers, the Napa Valley’s most eco-conscious vintners, Italy’s most esteemed wine growing families, and the bittersweet passions of their old world home. In Italy, the Osteria is a place for families and friends to gather together and enjoy a fantastic meal and joyous libations in comforting, neighborhood surroundings. Ca’ Momi brings these genuine experiences to you in the heart of downtown Napa, along with splashes of live music, lively conversation, loving friendship and community spirit; all collected within an historic 19th century home.

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Il Tabià, their quiet second-story, fully-private dining room, overlooks the Osteria’s main dining room and can comfortably accommodate parties of approximately 14 guests. The seating capacity of this space expands to 20 guests with rental furniture, which they are happy to provide at additional cost. 

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Looking for a casual reception space for a larger group? These affairs can enjoy the space with parties of approximately 30 guests in a non-seated format. Il Tabià is also an idyllic setting for corporate meetings and presentations, and features fully-integrated audio-visual amenities to suit your technology needs; seamlessly integrating your presentation with a truly memorable dining experience.

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For larger parties up to approximately 100 guests, partial and complete buy-outs for seating in the main dining room can easily be arranged. Complete buyout of the main dining space also affords the use of a main bar, professional audio system, movie projector, dance-floor, professional music booking services (DJ or Live Band), and much more.

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So if you're looking for an undeniably authentic, environmentally-conscious Italian eatery in Napa for your next private event, choose Ca' Momi. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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