For your next private event, how about shooting a film? Or hosting an art exhibit? Or live music? In Austin, one spot does it all. Originally constructed in 1950 as a distribution center for imported German beer, Distribution Hall --a mid-century warehouse--has been thoughtfully reimagined as a creative gathering space for all. An East Austin arthouse providing production and event space to host events, trainings, live productions, screenings and immersive experiences.

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Situated just one mile from the Austin Convention Center, Distribution Hall is prepared to accommodate live music, screenings, and presentations just as easily as banquets, ceremonies, and immersive experiences. Corporate and creative clients will both find the flexibility to execute their ideas here.

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Features include a 1,200-person overall capacity, 6,800 square-feet of air conditioned interior space, 3,000 square-feet of open air hangar space, a 7,500 square-foot exterior courtyard, Green Room/Dressing Room, Production Office, Catering Kitchen, etc. 

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The Studio Warehouse is a large interior space, renovated to its initial mid-century style. Adjacent rooms can be used as production offices, green rooms, or dressing rooms.

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The Hangar Warehouse offers open-air space in a corrugated aluminum hangar. Fans and large garage doors make this the perfect breezeway between interior and exterior space, or it can be its own activated space.

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And The Courtyard is huge, with a wooden deck, crushed granite garden, and grassy courtyard. You can even pull in food trucks, yard games, or set up a stage. So for your next private event in Austin, head on over to Distribution Hall, and bring along your imagination--and art installation, and film production team, and food trucks, and cornhole, and.... 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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