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Transport Your Taste Buds at Lamia's Fish Market

Published by Miranda Paquet • September 10, 2019
Lamia’s Fish Market is bringing something new to East Village.  Restaurateur, Lamia Funti, lures guests into a sensual space where diners can enjoy a seafood-forward Mediterranean menu surrounded by inspired design and one-of-kind art installations.
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Solve The Omnivore’s Dilemma at Denver’s Root Down

Published by Miranda Paquet • September 03, 2019
How many restaurants out there provide truly decadent vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and omnivore dining options?  The answer is not many.  Most restaurants have meat-centered meals with a couple uninspired vegetarian options. Or, you can visit a vegetarian-only spot with no meat in sight.
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Get Real (Happy and Full) at Denver’s Vital Root

Published by Miranda Paquet • September 01, 2019
When you think of fast and convenient food, you probably don’t picture a nutritious vegetarian meal. Vital Root is aiming to change that. 
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