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Venue Spotlight: Sessions at the Presidio, San Francisco

Published by Keir Beadling • December 11, 2018
Ever host a private event in a National Park? How about on the grounds of a former U.S. Army Base? Or within a stone’s throw of Yoda (a nearby statue of him, there is)? At a venue that boasts more than two dozen craft beers on draft, including Fieldwork Brewing Company’s PB&J Parfait?  No? Well, you’re in luck. Sessions at the Presidio ...
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Need a Break During Thanksgiving Week? Check Out These Neighborhood Bars

Published by Keir Beadling • November 20, 2018
It’s that time of year again: time to stuff and roast the turkey and to candy the yams. Time to give thanks for a time-honored gathering of family members from near and far. Time to indulge in a post-dinner slice (or two) of pumpkin pie. And when the Thanksgiving dinner table discussions with relatives begin to run on a bit long, it may ...
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