Venue Spotlight: Open Square, Holyoke

It's hard to expect a space to be everything. A venue. A place to create. A place to pursue ambition. A place that's innovative yet historical at the same time. 

A place that, amazingly enough, exists. It's called Open Square and sometimes, we still find it hard to believe that it's real.

Real, and how. The mixed use urban space in Holyoke has been crafted out of a full city block of historic mills, with stunning brick facades and water wheels intact. However, those facades are balanced with thoroughly modern design aesthetics and amenities. Those water wheels help provide energy for the 50 businesses found inside (alongside vintage generators), earning Open Square zero net energy status. 

This framework allows Open Square an incredible flexibility to be exactly the kind of space you want it to be. This applies to business owners, which range from artists' studios to law firms, to those looking to plan an event at Mill 1, Open Square's dedicated event space.

Mill 1 would be in high demand as a stand-alone space, thanks to its striking, thoughtful design —Mill 1 was formerly a paper mill, and is canal-side for striking views and rustic, industrial vibes (hello, refurbished industrial beauty). Tied in with Open Square, Mill 1 can provide your bar, recommend caterers, and even direct you to photographers and bridal salons located within Open Square itself. 

All this with zero net energy? Sounds like the perfect place to plan a celebration. 

[Photo: Square One]

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