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Don’t worry, nobody sunk your battleship. In fact, quite the opposite: This soulful southern Italian favorite in San Francisco’s Marina District will float your boat as a great private event space for you and two dozen pizza-and wine-loving guests. As to A16’s name, it’s no guessing game dating from World War I. The pizzeria shares its name with the highway of the two seas which run across Italy from Napoli to Bari.

And A16 is not far from the Golden Gate Bridge, which runs across San Francisco Bay. The local neighborhood offers breathtaking views of the bridge and bay, and is home to the only building left standing in its original location within the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition fairgrounds, The Palace of Fine Arts. A16 is located in the heart of the Marina District, on vibrant Chestnut Street.

Executive Chef Nicolette Manescalchi draws inspiration from this region, especially Campania, which explains a popular menu featuring fresh pasta, house-butchered and house-cured meats, and authentic pizza Napolitana. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “It is impossible for guests to sample all of the delicious dishes prepared by A16 in one meal.” And Wine Director Shelly Lindgren has complemented the rustic fare with wines whose grapes are indigenous to the same regions of southern Italy.

Hold your gathering at what Zagat calls “a refined hot spot.” A16 happily hosts events for 24 in a private room at the back of the bustling restaurant — whether you're hosting standing receptions, seated dinners, or something in-between.

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So if you’re looking for an unsinkable private event with famously mouthwatering pizza and paired wines, the Marina District’s A16 may be just the ticket for smooth sailing. Bottoms up! 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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