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Ready to Host a Red-Hot Outdoor Event?

Published by Miranda Paquet • April 06, 2018
There’s nothing like the first few days of spring to make us crave the great outdoors. After months of cozy hibernation, most of us are looking for any excuse to get outside more, show off some new additions to our spring wardrobe, and finally enjoy some sun. Give your guests exactly what they’re looking for by hosting a festive and fun ...
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Venue Spotlight: Arepa TX, Dallas

Published by The Tripleseat Team • March 31, 2018
Ever made the acquaintance of an arepa? Once you have, you won't forget it. These round corn cakes are ubiquitous in parts of Latin America, where they're a popular street food, sliced open and served sandwich-style with any number of fillings. 
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Extraordinary NYC Restaurants For Every Event

Published by Carey Jones • March 26, 2018
New York City is lucky enough to have hundreds -- really, thousands -- of excellent event venues, whether you're looking to host a twelve-seat private dinner or a reception for hundreds. Some restaurants put out great, reliable fare that's perfect for large functions.
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