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Venue Spotlight: Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

Published by The Tripleseat Team • September 17, 2018
  Perhaps you've heard: When it comes to bars and restaurants, Brooklyn is, far and away, the coolest borough in New York. And the neighborhood that kicked off Brooklyn's modern-day reputation -- Williamsburg -- is still home to some of the most interesting spots in the city. And where does it all center around? The Wythe Hotel. With ...
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Sake, Beyond the Sake Bomb

Published by Carey Jones • September 10, 2018
Many drinkers know sake only in its lowbrow form -- dropped into beer for a sake bomb, say, or served too hot to drink at an unremarkable sushi restaurant. But it's time to give sake its due.
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Venue Spotlight: Avanti F&B, Denver

Published by The Tripleseat Team • September 04, 2018
Like so many thriving food cities, Denver is home to a number of distinguished food halls. And Avanti F&B is among the best. In the neighborhood of LoHi (short for "Lower Highlands"), the venue boasts seven distinct restaurants, all created from modified shipping containers -- with a clever modern urban feel and, far more importantly, ...
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