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Venue Spotlight: Snuffer's, Dallas

Published by The Tripleseat Team • July 09, 2018
We don't know anything that beats the appeal of a truly great burger. And Snuffer's, with locations around the Dallas area, knows its burgers. Ever since 1978 -- when its first location opened in Dallas's Lower Greenville area -- Snuffer's has specialized in the freshest burgers (made every day from 100%, never-frozen ground chuck) and ...
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Let's Talk Oysters, Boston

Published by Carey Jones • June 30, 2018
Oysters! Let's talk oysters. There is no purer culinary pleasure than sitting down with a dozen (or two) freshly shucked oceanic beauties -- until you get the Champagne involved, of course. Once you've developed a taste for oysters, nothing else will do. 
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Venue Spotlight: Rouge Tomate Chelsea, NYC

Published by The Tripleseat Team • June 25, 2018
The legacy of Rouge Tomate in New York City stretches back nearly a decade. The first Manhattan outpost of the Belgian chain was all about healthy, sustainable cuisine, and from its sleek Upper East Side digs, soon won a Michelin Star to its name. In 2016 it moved downtown, and Rouge Tomate Chelsea has been thriving ever since. 
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