If there's one thing we can guarantee, it's that a good bowl of ramen is always a good idea. Thankfully, the Bay Area has a wide selection of top-notch bowls of noodles, ranging from Tokyo-style counter-only gems to farm-to-table bowls of creative mastery. Here are our top four picks for fantastic bowls of ramen in the Bay Area: 

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Ah, summer in San Francisco. So beautiful. So temerpate. So... grey. We get it — June gloom gets us down, too. Fortunately, escape is as easy as a BART ride away, right across the Bay in Oakland. There's no shortage of good eats and drinks in Oakland (of course), but the return of summer sunshine has us in the mood for a brew – preferably, sitting outside where we can get a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Here are our three favorite ...

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