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Throw Your Silicon Valley Private Dinners at Pizzeria Delfina

Published by The Tripleseat Team • June 27, 2019
Back in 2005, when San Francisco had virtually no notable pizza to speak of, husband and wife team Annie and Craig Stoll opened Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission District -- a humble 24-seat restaurant with extraordinary Neapolitan-inspired pies that soon won a devoted following. 
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Punk's Simple Southern Food Is A Houston Staple

Published by The Tripleseat Team • June 19, 2019
Southern food: It doesn't need to be fancy. It doesn't need to be served on a white tablecloth or with fancy flatware. What you're really after? Crisp, golden fried chicken; pillowy biscuits; and, sure, maybe a little bourbon too. On all these counts, Houston's Punks Simple Southern Food succeeds wildly. 
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Why Stella Bara Is A Perfect Spot for Hollywood Events

Published by The Tripleseat Team • June 18, 2019
There was a time when the word "pizzeria" brought to mind an inherently casual place. No longer. Over the last decade, incredible pizzerias have emerged around the country -- some devoted to American regional styles of pizza, some adhering closely to Italian tradition, others forging their own paths entirely. 
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