The Chrystal Ballroom’s hallowed ground has a historied past.  General Sam Houston walked these grounds, weighted with concerns for Texas. President Benjamin Harrison spoke from the balcony before lunching with his wife. President Taft addressed “ten acres of people” from that same balcony. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife thought the dining room was the most beautiful place to eat in Houston. When in town, the couple frequently enjoyed The Rice. 

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President Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower slept here. President John F. Kennedy and Jackie made an historic visit here. As First Lady, Jackie Kennedy made her one and only political speech in the Crystal Ballroom. Other notable stars to grace the Crystal Ballroom include Clark Gable, Will Rogers, Perry Como, Shirley Temple and Mick Jagger. Since then, The Crystal Ballroom has undergone some generous renovations.  

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The Crystal Ballroom is resplendent with crystal chandeliers, heroic murals, 35-foot ceilings and a full wraparound terrace. The sizable event space and the adjunct 1,400 square foot parlor provide ample space for guests for a seated meal, including a dance floor. The Crystal Ballroom also partners with skilled teams that have developed carefully curated food and beverage menus, tested to absolute perfection, and tailored to any taste and budget.

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The ballroom’s unique space can accommodate large gatherings in the main ballroom or host an intimate event in one of the adjoining private rooms. Amenities include 5,000 square feet with the 1,400 foot parlor, space to accommodate up to 800 guests for receptions, or 350 guests for seated dining, a private dressing room, full stage, elegant lobby entrance with crystal chandeliers, spectacular murals, mahogany French doors, and a history unlike any other spot in Houston. 

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If you have a hankering for an historic ballroom located in the heart of downtown Houston once frequented by Presidents and rockstars, look no further than The Crystal Ballroom. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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