San Francisco’s Kin Khao serves delicious Thai food that stays true to its origin, made with seasonal produce and sustainably-raised or caught meats and seafood.  This spot has drawn accolades from critics and customers alike, all of whom are waging a war of sorts (more on this below)....

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What does the name mean?  Glad you asked. “Kin” means “eat,” and “Khao” means “rice.” In Thailand, “to eat” is to eat rice. So, colloquially, when they say “kin khao,” they mean “to eat” or “let’s eat.” But we are way beyond just rice at this acclaimed venue. Kin Khao makes all their curry pastes, sauces, and relishes in-house daily. Other staples the restaurant must buy–like Nam Pla fish sauce and Kapi shrimp paste–they source only the best from Thailand itself. 

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As you might imagine, Kin Khao’s Proprietor/Chef has genuine Thai bona fides. Born and raised in Bangkok, Pim Techamuanvivit took a circuitous route through the world of food–from writing, to teaching, to award-winning jam-making–before finding her way back home to the food with which she grew up. Longing for Thai food of a richer quality and variety in the U.S., Pim is now on a mission to liberate her beloved Thai cuisine from the tyranny of peanut sauce. Kin Khao is her first (and hopefully not last) restaurant project.

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And the critics have raved.  Kin Khao received a Michelin Star in 2015-2017. Bon Appétit named Kin Khao as one of “The 50 Nominees for America's Best New Restaurants.” GQ called it one of the “25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015.” San Francisco Magazine listed Kin Khao as one of the “Best Places to Eat in SF.” And San Francisco Eater calls it one of the “38 Essential San Francisco Restaurants,” adding, "[t]he dynamic food at Kin Khao is the kind that you crave in the weeks to follow."

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And there is more good news:  Kin Khao is available for private events, as a half-buyout or even a full-buyout. So gather your group and join the fight to liberate Thai food from Peanut Sauce Tyranny, at San Francisco’s Kin Khao. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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