Far from a one-trick pony, Edible Beats has several up its sleeve.  Perhaps the most provocative is Denver’s Ophelia’s


Ophelia’s promises that a little spice never hurt anyone.  But we’re not really talking about your Uncle Frank’s hot sauce here, are we?  Um, no. Rather, this swank Ballpark gem serves up self-described “gastrobrothel” fare, paired with fresh kinks on classic cocktails and neo-old-school hospitality. 


In its former reincarnations, the Victorian brownstone building served as a brothel, a sex shop, and a peep show before becoming Ophelia’s.  The spot now flaunts its sultry beginnings in a style both cheeky and “sex-positive.” You might say (and you’d probably do so in a whisper) that Ophelia’s is a boudoir-chic historical remix, and Denver’s sexiest spot to indulge.


When it comes to private events, Ophelia’s certainly knows how to throw down. The cocktail bar serves 25 guests, the patio 35 seated to 50 standing, the concert hall up to 40, the lower dining room between 40 seated and 175 standing, the main dining room up to 125, and a full restaurant buyout accommodates up to 450 guests. 


So why not host your next private event at a spot known for being extra-spicy in every sense of the phrase, “extra-spicy”?  What could go wrong? Nothing, actually, since Ophelia’s apparently offers its guests a safe word. The word? “Louder.” We sure hope they’re not kidding.  But there’s only one way to find out (and please do let us know how everything turned out). 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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