Ah, the Holidays. So this is the time of year when you might be getting just a little bit tired of visits with your own family.  (That's OK, they probably feel the same way about you.) Maybe it's time for a change of pace. Something that feels like the opposite of your own family affairs this season. Like, say, a Mafia-style hangout frequented by modern day celebs.  In LA, we'd suggest The Nice Guy. The Nice Guy's aesthetic pays homage to a decadent era of Mafia bars and restaurants, where the owners and their friends can enjoy an evening together. 

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The vintage marble and brass bar greets guests as they enter the establishment. The bar's size, scale and shape invite patrons to a unique social experience, encouraging conversation and camaraderie. The booths along the exterior wall engender intimacy among the guests, while the larger booths flanking the room stimulate a party atmosphere throughout the night.

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The Nice Guy is another venture of the h.wood Group, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle company which includes an upscale nightlife and restaurant division, corporate branding, real-estate development and event production. The h.wood Group has vastly expanded its nightlife portfolio with Bootsy Bellows, Bootsy Bellows Aspen, Henry’s, SHOREbar and now, rst restaurant concept The Nice Guy. They cater all venues from art and fashion rst and all others follow to provide a warm welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. The h.wood Group has become the most sought-after FnB operator.

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And the critics have noticed. Says The Infatuation, “You know if you chose some local restaurant you love you’re inevitably going to be back home in bed by 10pm. So, go be your best Jenner and get a table at The Nice Guy. The La Cienega spot is technically an Italian restaurant, but nobody here’s scarfing down red sauce pasta and meatballs. This is a complete see-and-be-seen, which-E!-Show-are-you-on crowd, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor prescribed. Also, a free photo booth never hurt anyone.”  

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Racked Los Angeles anoints The Nice Guy as “LA's Most Stylish and Secretive Celebrity Playground,” adding, "Yes, the food and drinks are excellent and feature everything from craft cocktails to indulgences like fried mozzarella to light fare like a kale salad, but for us, the vibe was its greatest draw. We get why Kendall had her 20th birthday there, Kylie had one of her many 18th birthday parties there, and why all the Jenners, Kardashians, Hadids, Baldwins, and Justin Bieber are spotted there just about every weekend; it's super dimly lit (a tribute to The Rat Pack) and feels like you're inside one big private party, even if you aren't invited to the most VIP booth.”

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As you might expect, The Nice Guy enforces a strict door and equally strict “No Photos” policy. Fortunately for you, your last name need not be Jenner or Kardashian or Bieber to reserve the “Mafia Table” for your next private event. So for a refreshing change from your Holiday ham, check out The Nice Guy. 

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Written by Keir Beadling

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